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Benefits of Online Tutoring

It is safe to say most people in the course of their lifetime have had to get a tutor for one thing or the other. A tutor for a subject in school, a tutor to teach you a new language, or even to help you with learning a musical instrument. I believe the need for a personal tutor will always be around. As years have passed by though, people are beginning to shift from the traditional in-person (meeting at home, library or Starbucks!) tutoring to online tutoring (anywhere with a computer and decent internet). This is not a surprise, as the world seem to embrace technology and spend more time online more and more. So many have asked, is online tutoring for me? Like any question that ends with “for me”, there are countless answers. The obvious ones, are yes, or no. And sometimes, you get an answer like, “and who are you?” Jokes apart; I believe highlighting some benefits of online tutoring will help you make that decision yourself.

Below are 10 benefits of online tutoring.

1. Convenience – Meeting Location:

It’s should not be a surprise I made this first. This is technically the main difference between traditional and online tutoring. Like I pointed out earlier, most traditional in-person tutoring involves either meeting at someone’s house or in a public place like the library. This usually involves driving to the location by the student, tutor, or both. The process of finding a location, getting there for each session (while possibly thinking about traffic on the way), makes online tutoring sound so convenient. You don’t even have to put shoes on! You just get your computer, put headphones on, and you are ready to go! So benefit number one is the convenience of location.

2. Convenience- Relocation:

There are times your favorite tutor has to move, or you have to move. This could be inconvenient, but with online tutoring you can still keep your tutor. As long as your tutor has access to a computer and good internet, you can always get tutored like nothing happened, and he or she can remain your favorite tutor.

3. Convenience – Time

One of the challenges that gets eliminated by online tutoring is the constraint of time. For example,  you get stuck on a subject at 1 AM, and need a tutor before your exam in the morning. You can easily hope on, and find a freelance tutor at that time of the night to help you out. Scheduling a tutoring session can be done at any convenient time of the day or night since its done at the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

4. Safety

As a tutor, I have sometimes shrieked at the request of a parent wanting me to come teach their kid at home. I understand sometimes they don’t have the time or means to bring their kid to the public library, but I don’t feel safe going to someone’s house who found my ad on craigslist either. With online tutoring, I don’t have to worry about that, and neither does the parent have to worry about inviting a complete stranger to their home. Both student and tutor can feel safe meeting online. And with AssignmentMe, no phone number or email is shared, so there is no concern of ending up with a student or tutor that chooses to stalk you after. Every communication is done on the platform.

5. Variety:

With the limitation of location removed, the pool of tutors you can get increases exponentially. You can live in a city, and get a tutor that lives hundred of miles from you. In fact, students sometimes choose tutors from a different country on AssignmentMe because of their rate or the time zone. That is how vast your options get with online tutoring.

6. Reviews readily available

You call a tutor whose ad you found on craigslist based on what he or she wrote about themselves (and of course their rate). But with online tutoring on AssignmentMe, you that and more, Like the reviews of other students. After each session, a student can review their student, and of course a tutor can review the student as well on AssignmentMe. These reviews are advantageous because both student and tutor behave in a cordial manner, knowing that their reputation is built with every good experience. And these reviews help you make a better decision in picking the right tutor.

7. Overall lesser rate:

Of course, the rate of tutors vary with online tutoring as well. However since the cost of driving back and forth has been eliminated, tutors generally reduce their rate which makes tutoring more affordable for students.

8. Efficient resource sharing

This I must say is one of my favorite benefit of online tutoring. You can easily share files, screen share, and share needed resources while tutoring. This also allows for tutors who do group tutoring to easily edit files e.g PowerPoint and word documents etc. and disseminate them to every one in a click of the button. 

9. Recording:

You can record your tutoring sessions! The option of recording a session means, you can review what you have been taught by a tutor. For a tutor, this means they can review, and see if there is anything they need to improve on to become more efficient.

10. More Relaxing:

This is definitely opinionated. But I believe a student might feel more relaxed seeing the tutor on the screen than having someone they just met for the first time sitting next to them. You might not like their perfume. Well….you don’t have to worry about that with online tutoring.

There are more benefits to online tutoring depending on who you ask, but I picked these 10 because I believe they cover most people’s reason for picking online tutoring.

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