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Anatomy & Physiology (Module 1 & 2 bundle)


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Anatomy & Physiology is usually considered a "weeder" class, since a lot of students struggle to overcome this huddle required to achieve their dream in the medical field. Although it requires hard work, with the proper strategy, making an A in this class should not be difficult. Learn 7 tips that will help make your hard work get you your desired grade (A) in your A&P class!

—— Module 1: Organization of the human body ——

1 – The Science of Anatomy & Physiology

2 – Atoms, Ions and Molecules

3 – Energy, Chemical Reactions & Cellular Respiration

Test (Chapter 1- 3)
This test combines the knowledge of what you have learned in the first 3 chapters.

4 – Biology of the Cell

5 – Tissue Organization

—— Module 2 : Support and Body Movement ——

6 – Integumentary System

Test (Chapter 4 – 6)
This test combines the knowledge of what you have learned in the chapters 4 - 6.

7 – Bone Structure and Function

8 – Axial & Appendicular Skeleton

9 – Articulations

Test (Chapter 7 – 9)
This test combines the knowledge of what you have learned in the chapters 7 - 9.

10 – Muscle Tissue

11 – Muscular System: Axial & Appendicular Muscle

Test (Chapter 10 – 11)

Congratulations!!! Course Completed

——-Optional: Comprehensive Tests ——–

About Course

This course is a bundle of Anatomy & Physiology Module I – “Organization of the human body”, and Anatomy & Physiology Module II – “Support & body movement”. It has been broken down into 11 chapters with mini sections to help improve understanding of the materials in this course. Make sure you get a good grasp of each concept before moving on to the next. You can take the quizzes and tests multiple times to confirm your understanding of each concept before moving forward. You can adjust the speed of the tutorial videos, speeding up or slowing down to fit your comfort level. Remember, the goal is to become an expert, while enjoying the process of learning! I will be here with you all the way, so let the fun of learning begin!

-Daniel Tutors


My Approach

I try as much as possible to apply terminologies to common day terms, and use relatable examples so you can remember better. I am also a big believer in practice, practice and more practice, so I have included lots of practice quizzes (test your knowledge!) to help you practice ?. At the end of every chapter, you get a test (Chapter Exam) to check your understanding of that chapter. You will also get exams that will include 2 or 3 chapters, to see how well you are combining the knowledge you are acquiring.

Questions for the quizzes, tests, and module exams are pulled from a question bank of over 3000 questions, that is continually updated.


Heads up: I will not bore you, but my jokes might be cheesy!!

I believe this is a very important class, since most people that take this course are in, or end up in a medical field. For all I know, I might end up as your patient one day, and I definitely want to be confident you know your stuff (If you don’t pass my confidence test, I am dragging my behind out of your clinic). That being said, I try to make my class fun since I know how challenging the material could be for some. So yes, you will hear a lot of jokes (All clean!). They might not all be funny, but they will help give you some breathing opportunity as we go through the material.

I highly recommend note taking as you go through this course. Also, take advantage of the tutorial videos since they have what you can’t do in a live setting…. Pause, rewind, and go over it as many times as you need! Make sure you feel comfortable with the material in one section before moving to the next one.

It’s time to go become an expert in Anatomy and Physiology! I will be waiting for you in the course… well, not literarily; but you get the gist of it!

Note* The images and some presentation slides I used in this course were adapted from McGraw-Hill Connect’s Anatomy & Physiology: An interactive Approach by McKinley 3 edition.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Knowledge of basic chemistry, histology, cytology, and some body systems (skeletal, muscular, integument, & nervous) in A&P I.
  • You will be fully prepared for Anatomy and Physiology II


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Hello everyone... Daniel Tutors here! For those of you wondering, my name is Oladapo Olayinka Daniel Kalejaye Oremade. Yep, now you feel better with Daniel Tutors, don't you? A couple…

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4 years ago
This course is different from anything I have experienced. As some may know not everyone loves A & P. However, the time may come when you are faced with it! It was a blessing to have been introduced to this course. The detail and graphics put into it are amazing. Daniel is such a captivating instructor. I was not only able to stay engaged but I was actually interested and even got in some laughs. This course equipped me with the information I needed to not only pass my course but to do well. I will recommend this course and any course Daniel ever has available! This was not just a course, it was an EXPERIENCE!!
4 years ago
This course helped me develop great interest in Anatomy and Physiology, I was totally not into A&P but Daniel's teaching approach got my attention and somehow I am about to complete chapter one and looking forward to the other chapters. I recommend this course if just the thought of A&P gives you a nightmare
4 years ago
Great course!
4 years ago
This course is awesome. As a pre-med student, A&P is a very important class and Daniel did a great job explaining in the simplest way the most difficult concepts of the class. The graphics too are great visual supports. Considering the level of difficulty of the class, his sense of humor comes in handy in tough times (I mean we have to memorize 206 bones at some point lol).
4 years ago
OMG this was the best course I have ever taken. Professor Daniel is gifted to teach. He explains the material so well! Why choosing between having fun and study when you could have both with professor Daniel? He is so hilarious!! I wish all my instructors could teach the way he does! School would have been much easier! My money was definitely well spent!
4 years ago
This is an amazing course. I love Daniel's style of teaching. I sometimes have to slow down or increase the speed of play as necessary, but overall I enjoyed it. And his music performance in Chapter 2 on Water was my favorite! Hilarious guy!
4 years ago
A million thanks to Daniel for such a great course! Everything on this course is what I needed: the videos, practice quizzes, tests, and final exams! I like the fact that I have been given a certificate of completion.
4 years ago
Being able to learn A&P while having fun and nice visuals to aid the material was definitely a big plus. Daniel did a great job at explaining the materials and I am so glad I made the decision to take the course. The material in my opinion is even worth more than the cost, hope you have as much fun as I did taking the course :).
4 years ago
This is how a subject should be taught! This course breaks down the material in such a way that is easy to and fun to learn. Learning made easy!
Thanks Daniel!
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Material Includes

  • 27.5 hours on-demand video
  • 27 Practice Quizzes
  • 11 Individual Chapter Tests
  • 4 Combined Chapter Tests
  • 3 Comprehensive Finals
  • 3000+ Question Bank
  • Bonus - fun videos
  • Open Q&A
  • 1 year access
  • Access on all devices
  • Certificate of Completion

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