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About Me

I am a U.S Army Veteran who looooves (ignore the extra ooo's) to teach! I believe no matter how complicated a class, subject, topic etc. appears, it can be broken down to simpler terms enough to be understood. Of course the willingness of the student to learn is very important, but proper tutelage is just as important. I strive to understand a subject enough to teach it in a way most people will understand, and I hope if you are reading my bio right now, you are one of the students that has the true willingness to learn. If so, lets have fun brightening up our minds!!!

Subjects I teach:
Life Science: Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, General biology, Microbiology

Physical Science: Math (Algebra, Geometry & Calculus), Chemistry ( General & Organic), and Physics

Entrepreneurship classes

My Education:
Physical Therapy Specialist (US ARMY Medical Center),
M.S Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of North Texas),
B.S Biology with minor in Chemistry (University of North Texas),

Programming/Web Development Skills/Knowledge (Self-taught):
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
WordPress development

1 Courses


Anatomy & Physiology I

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