1 – The Science of Anatomy & Physiology?

Chapter 1 - This chapter covers basic foundation of the anatomy and physiology course. The terminologies and concept you learn in this chapter will help you get a better grasp of other chapters, and make memorization of parts of the muscles and bones easier when we cover them in latter chapters.

2 – Atoms, Ions and molecules?

Chapter 2 - Many students that are not a fan of Chemistry tend to have some challenge with this chapter. You don't have to! You just need to have the right mindset, and embrace the journey to learn about atoms, and the chemicals that make us who we are.

3 – Energy, Chemical Reactions, & Cellular Respiration?

Chapter 3 - You now have a good grasp of atoms, ions, and molecules. Now let's look at how these atoms react with each other, the energy required, and how the whole process works in cellular respiration.

Test (Chapter 1 – 3)

4 – Biology of the Cell

5 – Tissue Organization

Test (Chapter 4 – 5)


—– Optional: Comprehensive Final —–

Pep talk! (Motivation2Study)

Great job completing the lessons, watching the videos, and taking the quizzes in Chapter 3 – Energy, Chemical Reactions & Cellular Respiration. The final step to complete your mastery of this chapter is taking the Chapter 3 Test covering the entire concept you have learned in this chapter. If you struggled with any concept, please take advantage of the Q&A to ask your questions, re-watch the videos, re-take the quiz, and then take this test! Enjoy your test

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